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Our vehicles

We have 52 vehicles at your service!

We can offer everything from the Volvo XC90 plug-in hybrid (electric car) to light commercial vehicles running on biogas. The trucks with load capacities up to 13.25 tons are equipped with openable side doors and electric trucks. We can also help you with warehousing, for shorter periods and during transport.

Courier - Volvo XC60

Load capacity: 450kg
Load space: 1,81m (length), 1,43m (width), 0,81 m (height)
Fuel: Biogas, gas and diesel
Number of vehicles: 10

Courier - Volvo XC90 Plug-in Hybrid

Load capacity: 400 kg
Load space: 1.60 m (length), 1.44 m (width), 0.70 m (height)
Fuel: Electricity and gas
Number of vehicles: 2

Light truck with lift

Load capacity: 675 kg
Load space: 4.10 m (length), 2.10 m (width), 2.0 m (height)
Fuel: Biogas
Number of vehicles: 13

Light truck with lift

Load capacity: 850 kg
Load space: 4.10 m (length), 2.10 m (width), 1.98 m (height)
Number of vehicles: 11

Courier with cabinet

Load capacity: 1099 kg
Load space: 3.26 m (length), 1.75 m (width), 1.94 m (height)
Between wheel housings: 1.35 m (width)
Number of vehicles: 5

Truck with openable side doors

Load capacity: 8140 kg
Load space: 7.60 m (length), 2.53 m (width), 2.37 m (height)
Number of vehicles: 9

Truck with openable side doors

Load capacity: 13,250 kg
Load space: 8.15 m (length), 2.50 m (width), 2.64 m (height)
Number of vehicles: 2

Carbon dioxide neutral transport

ISO-certified by Åkeriförbundet.

Our biogas vehicles fueled with 100% biogas, which guarantees maximum that we reduce our carbon footprint. Biogas is produced naturally by the decomposition of organic material in oxygen-free conditions.

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Yet another biogas car in use

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Lower CO2 emissions than biking!

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