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Environment & quality - a haulage company with fossil-free transport and good service

Fossil-free transport.

Our biogas vehicles are fueled with 100% biogas, which ensures that we reduce our climate impact to the maximum!

Methane gas (Biogas) is regarded as a greenhouse gas with strong effect: Biogas (methane gas) is formed naturally in the decomposition of all organic matter, regardless of whether we want it or not. "In comparison with the carbon dioxide, other greenhouse gases emitted by man have much stronger effect on the climate per tonne. Viewed over a hundred years, for example, methane emissions contribute about thirty(30) times more to the greenhouse effect than an equally large carbon dioxide emission.” (Source: Swedish Environmental Protection Agency)

Carbon dioxide free as a consequence: Biogas occurs naturally in the near future and in the digestion process already existing carbon dioxide is bound out of the atmosphere. In the operation of our vehicles, the same amount of carbon dioxide is then released which is bound by the fuel's origin and the consequence in the whole cycle is that it is carbon dioxide-free.

Today we use 15 light trucks that are driven entirely on compressed biogas (CBG, methane gas) and a heavy truck that runs on liquid biogas (LBG, methane gas)


ISO-certified by 

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Fossil-free transport

ISO-certified by Åkeriförbundet.

Our biogas vehicles fueled with 100% biogas, which guarantees maximum that we reduce our carbon footprint. Biogas is produced naturally by the decomposition of organic material in oxygen-free conditions.

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