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Our biogas vehicles are fueled with 100% biogas, which ensures that we reduce our climate impact to the maximum!

Methane gas (Biogas) is regarded as a greenhouse gas with strong effect and occurs naturally when all organic material is composted. In comparison with carbon dioxide, methane gas emitted by humans contributes about thirty (30) times more to the greenhouse effect than an equally large emission of carbon dioxide. (Source: Swedish Environmental Protection Agency)

Why biogas as a vehicle fuel: Instead of allow food leftovers, animal husbandry, sewage, etc. lead to increasing emissions of methane this greenhouse gas is collected into controlled decompositionplants. After a simpler processing, the gas is then distributed as vehicle fuel where fossil fuel alternatives are relatively easily exchanged. As a renewable vehicle fuel the entire fuel cycle with biogas also results, from source to wheels, that it is a completely carbon dioxide-free alternative..

Facts: Biogas is a fuel with very low emissions of greenhouse gases and which at the same time has low emissions of particles and nitrogen oxides (NOx) that affect the street environment. The core of the diesel scandals of recent years is precisely nitric oxide (NOx). As a comparison with other fossil-free alternatives, such as HVO 100, the emissions of nitric oxide (NOx) and particles (Pm) from such a fuel largely the same as when using fossil diesel.


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Fossil-free transport

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Our biogas vehicles fueled with 100% biogas, which guarantees maximum that we reduce our carbon footprint. Biogas is produced naturally by the decomposition of organic material in oxygen-free conditions.

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