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How to order a transport!

We have three different solutions!

Either you place your order via a customer login directly into our business system or you e-mail your order via our order form below. 

You can also order a transport by calling us at 031-25 55 50.

If you chose to place your order via the customer login, the  order will directly be placed in our traffic and you will then be able to follow the order in real time, like when it is collected or delivered. To obtain a user ID and password, you have to talk to any of our orders receivers on phone number 031-25 55 50.

If you sent your order to us via the order form below, it will be visible to all our orders receivers on arrival and then registered. And you will have a confirmation mail.

Remember, our opening hours for the at switchboard, are weekdays 06:30 to 17:00. Do you need transportation during the time when our  switchboard is closed, please order the transport before 17:00 on weekdays.


Place an order with our order form!

You can order via our order form on weekdays between 06:30 and 17:00. We confirm all orders. You can also order by calling us at 031-25 55 50. 

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2. Delivery

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4. Company details

Please enter the following company details if you do not have an account at Uppdraget.

Carbon dioxide neutral transport

ISO-certified by Åkeriförbundet.

Our biogas vehicles fueled with 100% biogas, which guarantees maximum that we reduce our carbon footprint. Biogas is produced naturally by the decomposition of organic material in oxygen-free conditions.

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Uppdraget 30 years

Uppdraget i Göteborg AB is now 30 years old. In November 1985, we started the business and without rest for a second, the short time of 30 years has passed. We really look forward to the next... Read more

Yet another biogas car in use

Uppdraget has complemented the fleet with another nine vehicles, completely powered by renewable fuel biogas.

Lower CO2 emissions than biking!

Uppdraget has complemented the fleet with additional biogas vehicles and electric hybrids. 46% of the light transporfordonen of our business is now run on alternative fuels. Our biogas vehicles... Read more

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