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Welcome to Gothenburg's best and most environmental friendly courier service!

We do not want to brag that everything is possible for us. So we are pleased to say, nothing is impossible for us!

When we started Uppdraget, we decided to never say that something is impossible. Our attitude that nothing is impossible has given us many difficult mission, happy moments and satisfied customers. For it is a special joy in managing what others call impossible. Then, the regular routine deliveries can also be challenges, in their way. Call and challenge us, when you want!

Some of our vehicles

Truck with openable side doors

Light truck with lift

Courier - Volvo XC90 Plug-in Hybrid

Carbon dioxide neutral transport

ISO-certified by Åkeriförbundet.

Our biogas vehicles fueled with 100% biogas, which guarantees maximum that we reduce our carbon footprint. Biogas is produced naturally by the decomposition of organic material in oxygen-free conditions.

News from Uppdraget

Uppdraget 30 years

Uppdraget i Göteborg AB is now 30 years old. In November 1985, we started the business and without rest for a second, the short time of 30 years has passed. We really look forward to the next... Read more

Yet another biogas car in use

Uppdraget has complemented the fleet with another nine vehicles, completely powered by renewable fuel biogas.

Lower CO2 emissions than biking!

Uppdraget has complemented the fleet with additional biogas vehicles and electric hybrids. 46% of the light transporfordonen of our business is now run on alternative fuels. Our biogas vehicles... Read more

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